Your first visit to our dental family begins with a warm greeting from our front office staff. Your patient coordinator will sit comfortably with you to review your paperwork, answer any questions, and familiarize you with our practice.

After a tour of our office, you will meet your personal dental hygienist who will set to the task of finding out exactly what your wants and needs are. He or she will perform a comprehensive exam, including a complete set of x-rays and review of your medical history, then an evaluation of your teeth and gums, and finally a comprehensive prophylaxis.

When the hygienist is finished, he or she will introduce Dr. Armstrong. Dr. Armstrong will sit with you, review your x-rays and exam, and answer any questions you may have.

Finally, a complete treatment plan will be presented to you along with fees and payment options, ensuring that we're able to help you smile for life. Occasionally, we will need to schedule your individual treatment plan consultation at a later date based on your convenience.

Because we make a concerted effort to thoroughly introduce every new patient to our practice, and to be sure that we completely understand your unique needs, this first visit typically runs approximately two hours. With our extensive patient comforts and one-on-one care, we're sure that you will feel at home.

 your first visit