It's true, dentists are nerds. We were the kids in middle school who actually looked forward to the big science fair project in 8th grade, and usually won. We admit to this so that you understand how very, very dear the latest and greatest technology is to us, particularly here at Armstrong Advanced.

Modern dentistry is truly remarkable. From laser dentistry, to digital radiography and our special DVD eyeglasses, we really take the time to bring the most helpful, convenient technology into our practice:

  • Water Sterilization: Our office boasts a revolutionary new filtration system that provides sterile (99.999% bacteria free) water to all operatories, water fixtures and dental equipment, EXCEEDING the ADA goal. Learn more about going above and beyond with OSO Pure.
  • Digital X-rays: You know that x-rays are important in allowing us to properly diagnose and treat your dental conditions. But did you know that our state-of-the-art digital x-ray equipment creates 80% less radiation than traditional x-rays? Just one more way we use technology to keep you safe and healthy - and smiling. Learn more about our Kodak Digital X-rays.
  • Laser Dentistry: The inclusion of lasers to Armstrong Advanced has offered an additional technology to perform a variety of dental procedures. Lasers use light energy to perform work. Lasers allow us to achieve excellent aesthetic results and quick patient recovery with fewer post-operative complications. Learn about the benefits of Laser Dentistry.
  • High-Tech Amenities: Complimentary comfort from personal movie glasses to personal patient 22 inch flat screens for your viewing pleasure. Read all about our Patient Comforts.