Armstrong Advanced Dental Concepts is the brain child of Dr. Stanley D. Armstrong. With his mission of complete, comprehensive care, he has built a practice centered on creating and maintaining functional and healthy smiles for all his patients.

What do we mean by "comprehensive care?" Modern dentistry offers the skilled practitioner a huge variety of materials and treatments to create beautiful and functional smiles. The "art" of dentistry occurs when Dr. Armstrong sculpts naturally beautiful and functional smiles from his personalized treatment plans, completely focusing on his patients' desired outcomes

By working this way, the Armstrong Advanced team is able to treat cases from the minimally involved to the extremely comprehensive, with little to no pain, and with your absolute comfort and convenience our first priority.

We have also spent a good deal of our collective brain waves creating an environment that is beautiful, relaxing, and comforting - that makes you feel at home. After all, we spend all of our time here, and want you to love our space as much as we do.

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