Veneers are natural looking, strong and stain resistant. Broken, chipped, worn, discolored, rotated and spaced apart teeth can all be corrected with the proper placement of one or multiple porcelain veneers. How can this be possible? Because Dr. Armstrong can predictably bond lifelike porcelain to the tooth. The procedure takes two visits. During the first visit, Dr. Armstrong shapes the teeth and creates the temporary veneers. Our patients have input as to the color, shape and size of the veneers. Many of them bring us photographs and magazine clippings of smiles they would like to emulate.

The second visit is to deliver the veneers. Once proper fit, form, and function have been achieved, you are ready to share your smile.


Take the first step toward improving your smile with Trial Smile. With Trial Smile by Dr. Stanley D. Armstrong, you will be able to realize and share your smile potential with family and friends for up to a week. Ask your Concierge, hygienist or treatment coordinator about our trial smile certificate.

 porcelain laminate veneers